The Man (jackball25) wrote in 4_00am,
The Man

It was past midnight.

I stepped out of my car, into the cold night air. The fog had set in from beach and I was restless. I knew he was coming but I couldn't make myself feel good about it. I stood there in the road, streetlights burning orange into the mist for miles into the distance.

I only saw for few lights before they became nothing in the cold blanket of night.

Cold air cut into my bones and I breathed deep, I felt it drying my lungs. Boredom and anxiety were floating in my mind. I felt the fear. I felt my heart in my chest.

Then I looked up, past the line of trees down the road.

I saw headlights.


I sighed because I knew I was going to get it. I needed it so baddly.

His black Cadillac pulled up next to me, and he rolled down his window and his gloved hand came out. I handed him my money, in crumpled wads. 100$ all for a hit. A hit I needed.

He stepped out of his car and took off his glove.

I fell on one knee.

And began sucking his hand:
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I love you Bonnie!
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