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Long pants

--A good old day of ranting of whatever has made you made during the week!--

Well, on sunday night I was completely drunk, then I started a Meth binge that lasted until I crashed at 2AM on thursday, the moral of the story: I like free stuff!

Anyway once I got home I noticed that my clothes were all too big for me, Especially my pants. But here is the weird thing:

Not only have my pants gotten bigger as in wider on me, but they also seem to have gotten longer!

Now that's because there is more fabric hanging down around my legs, basically I look like a homie whenever I wear my old pants. So I'm hoping that eventually I'll get so thin that I can cut holes where the pockets of my pants are and use them as sleeves so I can just wear my old pants and be all like: "Check me out I'm freakishly thin now, and it's all because of subway!"

maybe I could do commercials and stuff like that Jared guy... I could definatly walk around with a camera crew and talk to people about sandwiches.

Why not do it for subway?

Now I could do it for other chains of burger joints but I only eat at subway because I have a stomach disorder that makes me puke if I eat any junk food, which sucks cause I loved me some big macs.

Which reminds me that there was this black guy at the bus stop who used to call me "Big'n Tasty" cause I was presumably Large and flavorful.

the end?

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