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4:00am [entries|friends|calendar]
Those Forgotten Hours Past Midnight

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[14 Dec 2007|04:48am]

1. real name: Mortermer... Er uh... Eric

2. your gansta name (1st 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Eriizzle

3. your detective name (favorite colour and favorite animal): The Blue Duck

4. your soap opera name (middle name and current street name): Marijan Linda

5. your star wars name (1st 3 letters of your last name, 1st 2 of your first name, last three of mom's maiden name): Raderzia!

6. your super hero name (2nd favorite colour and favorite drink): Green Iced tea (wow that's a real thing... I guess I'm an antioxidant.)

7. your witness protection name (mom's middle name and father's middle name): Amin Marijan

8. your goth name (black and the name of a pet): black Jefrey

9. your porn star name (1st pet and 1st street you lived on): Admiral Cloverfield

10. your movie name (your favorite snack food and grandfather's first name): (I'm skipping this one because I can't think of a snack and I don't know my grandfather's name... Actually I think it's Amin... But no food thing yet.) Edit: Coffee Amin (I like to drink coffee)

11. your rock star name (favorite candy and last name of favorite musician): "Peanut buttercup Gibson" which actually sounds more like a blues name.

12. your weather anchor name (fifth grade teacher’s name and a major city beginning with the same letter):
Scott Springfield

13. your spy name (favourite season and flower): Autumn Orchid

14. your cartoon name (favourite fruit and garment you’re wearing with an “ie” or “y” added): Apple Shirty

15. your hippie name (what you ate for breakfast and favourite tree): Pasta Redwood

This sucked so hard it made me think of one of my own:
16. Douchebag name (any word followed by "y" and the same word beginging with "Mc" and ending with "erson")
Sucky Mcsuckerson

A all Hallow's Eve story. [16 Oct 2007|10:35pm]

The other night Bonnie, Anne, Naomi, Bryant, and I all went to Dogface Bridge. That night was one to remember because it was something that had alot of the unexplainable in it. That night around midnight we were in San Pierre driving down these old backroads to find the Dogface Bridge.

Alittle Backstory.

Apparently Dogface Bridge is haunted. In the 1950's a newly wed couple was driving down the road and a Dog ran out in front of their car. They tryed to swerve out of the way but endded up hitting the dog anyway. Now the version of the story I heard was that They couldn't find the womans body or the dog's head. Supposedly if you go to the second bridge you'll see the Woman's body wearing the Dog's head and it will chase after you. And try to eat you.

Now when I first read that story I thought it was just made up by some kid that read too deep into the goosebumps, but when we actually got there I felt something was unmistakeably wrong. Not only that but I wasn't the only person in the car to feel that way either. We watched as two cars came from that road both going at a reasonably high speed but seeming to be rushing away. We got out of the car at the begining of the first bridge, on the ground there was what looked like a thousand Potatoes. Half of them seemed fresh while the other half seemed to be rotting, but this was only because they had been run over by previous cars that had gone by.

It was starting to get creepy, the bridge was an old rusty bridge that seemed to be falling apart at the ravages of time. We walked across it Anne put her hand on one of the railings. The creaking sound it made was like that of a Dog barking. The end of the first bridge was collapse to the point of just the frame work. It made the passage awkward due to the fact that you had to cross it one at a time like a trapez and only one person can cross at a time. Under the first bridge there was no water just a dry trench but as we walked we could hear running water all around us. And occasionally we heard Growling noises that sounded like very large Dogs, eyeing us from the trees. We soldiered on until we reached the second bridge. A barricade stood between us and the bridge. We walked around it and stood at the edge of the sheer cliff of what had once been the bridge. In front of us was a mass of water that didn't move of make any sounds at all. We found this Odd due to the fact that we heard running water behind us and it is a known fact that water always migrates to the lowest point. But this wasn't the case because none of us were able to really question this aloud because the silence was broken.

By a Howling sound.

I can't really say if it was a man or a beast but what I can say, it didn't sound natural. The sound of the howl was deep and angry. It sounded like the embodiment of sorror and fear. And it sounded like there was more than one. But not in the random way that wolves or coyotes howl. It was almost like a battlion calling off their names and rank.

"It's time to go."

We all walked quickly back to the first bridge, but the weird thing was that when we left the second bridge the Howls abruptly stopped. As we walked I was plauged by images of a creature with the head of a pitbull and the body of a woman wearing the tattered rags of an old shredded dress. We got back to the first bridge and all of us rushed to get back into Anne's Car. As we crossed the bridge we could hear banging sounds underneith us as we walked and that eerie feeling of being watched. I hope we didn't offend any of the spirits there because that place was haunted by something.

The end.
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[05 Mar 2007|07:54pm]


promo [22 Jun 2006|11:53pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[20 Jun 2006|12:34am]

It was past midnight.

I stepped out of my car, into the cold night air. The fog had set in from beach and I was restless. I knew he was coming but I couldn't make myself feel good about it. I stood there in the road, streetlights burning orange into the mist for miles into the distance.

I only saw for few lights before they became nothing in the cold blanket of night.

Cold air cut into my bones and I breathed deep, I felt it drying my lungs. Boredom and anxiety were floating in my mind. I felt the fear. I felt my heart in my chest.

Then I looked up, past the line of trees down the road.

I saw headlights.


I sighed because I knew I was going to get it. I needed it so baddly.

His black Cadillac pulled up next to me, and he rolled down his window and his gloved hand came out. I handed him my money, in crumpled wads. 100$ all for a hit. A hit I needed.

He stepped out of his car and took off his glove.

I fell on one knee.

And began sucking his hand:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love you Bonnie!
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[01 Jun 2006|02:22am]

“Your hair smells like cocaine.”
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[29 Apr 2006|02:54am]

[ mood | depressed ]

In your perfect little world,
people don't hurt.
No one feels the slice of a knife.
No one feels the break of a heart.

There are no hard feelings here,
not in this place.
No misunderstandings,
no arguments.
Most of all, no heartache.

Love's a drug, and those,
are most definately not permitted here.
Nothing that dulls the mind here.
Work hard at respectable things,
don't even think about pleasure.

Anyone imperfect,
anyone who feels, who yearns, who loves,
well they just don't exist here
in your perfect little world.
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[05 Apr 2006|01:30am]

If anyone would like to be the new maintainer for this community please let me know.

i wrote my first poem [27 Feb 2006|12:15pm]

[ mood | sick ]


run from the past.
run from this town,
where every street holds a memory.

run from the present.
run from emotion,
and how it destroys your insides.

run from the future.
run from your fear,
of all the things unknown.

run from yourself.
run from your heart,
from your head and from your soul.


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[27 Feb 2006|06:24am]

there is a little man who is the sun. he wakes me at 6:19 in the morning and tells me there is much to do today. my head is swirling whirling with thoughts and dreams all pretty little things of the like. things such as hope and love, beauty and contentment, fear and anxiety. i love the little sun and he loves me back. what do i know about love, though? love is a common topic these days. those days. this day. that day. hmm...and the other day. i've had my cigarette and my coffee and except for a tiny pain in my stomach i feel good. maybe not good but well i think. i'd like to think. how are you all feeling on this glorious day of horrors?
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[27 Feb 2006|03:51am]

Sometimes, when everything is quiet you can hear the universe around you.

just being quiet for a moment, and you'll hear things within the white-noise. tiny arcane melodies, floating with the breathing of the universe around you. The enddless ebb and flow of matter. The sounds of the celestial tides.

If you listen very closely you can hear it inside you.

That melody is you. The swirls of feedback and static, breathing life into words and imagination. If you let the white noise in you, you'll see the world open infront of your eyes. The size of the universe becomes clear. In quiet times you get a sense of the infinate.

deep breath.

You can see green pastures and a blue sky.


You feel that inner peace?

Maybe you didn't do it right.

Anyway. That white noise, that ambience.

That's where you can find beauty in all things.

That's where you can find center. Your own and the center of the world around you. The heart of beauty lies in the details, but to know what the details are takes time and patience.


And if you know how to wait and listen, you can see your place in the universe. And hold a shard of heaven in your hands.
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water, raining, wet [26 Feb 2006|09:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

sometime a long time ago. okay maybe not so long ago. two summers ago. i wander out of my house. twice, before i really left. the dining room was still the dining room and my parents had friends over though i don't remember who they were. no one noticed that i had gone. out my back door and behind the garage where i changed out of my pajamas and into my clothes that i had hid earlier. some jeans, an army jacket. and i started to walk. i walked and walked and picked a star and thought this was it i'm free.

it wasn't as free as i thought it would be. i continued to walk until i walked all the way across town. there lied my destination. an apartment complex with a boy hiding behind a pine tree near a teeny window where a girl was waiting for her father to fall asleep. i sat by the boy and he sat by me. he offered my his own army jacket to use as a pillow when i lied down. i accepted and we waited. finally when forever seemed to go by the girl crept out her window and she hugged him and put on her shoes.

we were off.

we walked and we talked and i made us stop at a light post so i could see what the boy looked like. (later, much later i couldn't even make myself look at his picture.) he was tall and he had an ordinary face and we kept on walking. this time we went only half way across town to a park. the park was right next to a school and many cops and teenagers visited this place. we crawled to the tallest point, a round little tunnel just big enough for three. i'd like to say we smoked, but i don't think we did. we all hugged and cuddled, sorta. she on him, me on her. sorta how we felt about each other.

there was hours that went by. at one point we all had to pee. he left us for a pretend ship to piss upon. we took a nook that was slightly more private. we went back to our tallest point only to sit upon the stairs. she on him, me on him. it made me nervous.

we stayed a bit more. and then it was four and i was hungry. we began to walk to restaurants. it sprinkled. we stopped to get some pop out of the pop machines. when we got to the restaurants, none were open. it wasn't too much of a surprise. it began to pour and it was time for me to go home. and i did. in the rain i was completely wet. the puddles were in my shoes. my pajamas were wet too. and i went into my house, into my bed and i fell asleep.

but not before writing something down.
(inspired by stella.)

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[26 Feb 2006|05:53pm]

i'm starting to believe that everyone in this community has died.
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application [22 Oct 2005|10:05pm]

[ mood | finally this thing is done!! ]

be nice, I’m newCollapse )

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why not [16 Oct 2005|07:36pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

a memory...Collapse )

because life sucks that's why not.

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mustn't do this again [01 Oct 2005|11:45am]

[ mood | awake but not happy about it ]

i only got two hours of sleep last nite and had to get up at seven. so using my fucked up logic it's technically still like eh... well like time to sleep. which is at nite or at least that when you're supposed to.

...yeah just nod your head and pretend to agree.

random quizzes.Collapse )


a question? [21 Sep 2005|03:50pm]

[ mood | content ]

in honour of my new hair cut i have decided to ask a question bout hair.

it is: what's the stupidest thing you've ever done to your hair?Collapse )

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You know, the usual... [13 Sep 2005|02:39am]

You wake up in a stranger's bed.


Still drunk.

And you wonder: "What did I do last night?"

You're not sure where you are, or how you got there. But the important thing is you're there now. You slide out of bed with the taste of the night before still lingering in your mouth and your eyes ajusting to the sunlight that is pouring through the shades of your new lover's room. You look around and see piles of clothes lying around. The rich smell of marijuana still floating in the hallways. You look at the digital clock on the nightstand.

It's 2PM.

You're not sure what day it is.

You go to the bathroom and run some cold water through your fingers. You look at yourself in the mirror. You've become a stick figure. The water gets warm and you splash it on your face like they do in movies and you feel uncomfortalbe with the water on your face and hair for a few seconds.

But that passes.

And you start piecing last night together in the fragments of broken thoughts in your mind. At 7 you and your other drug addict friends start smoking weed in the parking lot of the college. You take a line of tweak. Somebody mentions a party in the valley. You're down to go.

You take line of coke.

10PM comes and you're in a stranger's house, Someone passes you an E pill. You Roll. You have 5 shots before it kicks in. You hear someone behind you say "It's pure MDMA" and you Roll. Then you start having trouble remembering.

You're feeling spun.

You look down at your Arm and see that you have a new track mark.

And you wonder: "What did I do last night?"

You remember more but in fragments. Broken thoughts. Like memories of dreams.

The black girl who came with Silver Haze. Her Glass pipe. Your friend hanging off a ceiling fan. The smell of Meth smoke. Jackie Puking by the pool. Stumbling down the stairs. Making out with this blond girl.

A vagina.

You touch your crotch and smell your hand.

You had sex last night.

And you feel cheap. You're now just another guy who's horny, and willing. You're the expected male reaction. You don't even remeber her name.

You're a fucking whore. No better than a frat guy.

You think back. You remeber some of the experience, her pulling you by the hand into a room. Your mouth on her breasts. She went down you. You went down on her. She came. You didn't wear a condom. She was drunk.
She called you "Jason", Your name isn't Jason.

She gave you some heroin after you fucked.

It was 5AM.

And you wonder: "What was her name?"

You go back into the room and see her still sleeping. Her golden locks falling on the pillow as she sleeps face down. her Face looks warm and loving. She has sharp features, and big eyes. Rosy cheeks. You remeber looking into her briliant blue eyes when you penetrated her. She bit her lower lip.

You said: "You have pretty eyes"
She said: "Yeah"

You scan the floor for something to wear. You find your jeans and a pair of boxers that fit. She is still sleeping. You put on two diffrent socks. One Grey the other black. You are split between wearing a Led Zeppelin T shirt or a Red shirt with a sunburst on the chest. You go with Zeppelin. You find your watch on the nightstand. You look back at her.

She won't Remeber you. You hope.

"Was her name Emily?"

You don't want to be that "He left in the morning before I woke up" guy. You convince yourself that you aren't. Even thought you blatently are. You kiss her face before you leave and she squints in her sleep. You walk out trying to find the living room. You do. You find your chucks in the microwave. There is a naked guy sleeping on the kitchen table, with a lamp shade on his head.

"Amanda? No it was a name that started with an E"

You drink a glass of water.

"Elizabeth? Nah, that's not right."

It tastes like whisky.


You walk out of the front door, looking for a landmark. You walk down to the corner and into a 7-11.

"Esmarelda? No way, I didn't sleep with a countess."

The man tells you to walk 4 blocks to get to the gold line train station. From there you can get to Union station. From Union you can get back to Hollywood. From Hollywood you can go home.

"Maybe it was Alison."

You wait at the train station. You wonder where your friends went.

"Alexis... No."

On the train you look out the windows and feel fucked up. You're not high anymore. You're just fucked up. You're just fucked.

"Elane? Nah; this isn't seinfeld"

When you get home you take a shower. You still feel dirty after you've washed for an hour.

Her name was Carla.
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Kewl [19 Aug 2005|04:20am]

Look at the time I caught the little deally. I feel like I acomplished something! oh nevermind it's 4:21 now...

Yeah I know, if you're up at 4 Am and can think of anything better than pointing out that it's 4:20 well... You're more Creative than I am.


Read more...Collapse )
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Long pants [12 Aug 2005|04:21am]

--A good old day of ranting of whatever has made you made during the week!--

Well, on sunday night I was completely drunk, then I started a Meth binge that lasted until I crashed at 2AM on thursday, the moral of the story: I like free stuff!

Anyway once I got home I noticed that my clothes were all too big for me, Especially my pants. But here is the weird thing:

Not only have my pants gotten bigger as in wider on me, but they also seem to have gotten longer!

Now that's because there is more fabric hanging down around my legs, basically I look like a homie whenever I wear my old pants. So I'm hoping that eventually I'll get so thin that I can cut holes where the pockets of my pants are and use them as sleeves so I can just wear my old pants and be all like: "Check me out I'm freakishly thin now, and it's all because of subway!"

maybe I could do commercials and stuff like that Jared guy... I could definatly walk around with a camera crew and talk to people about sandwiches.

Why not do it for subway?

Now I could do it for other chains of burger joints but I only eat at subway because I have a stomach disorder that makes me puke if I eat any junk food, which sucks cause I loved me some big macs.

Which reminds me that there was this black guy at the bus stop who used to call me "Big'n Tasty" cause I was presumably Large and flavorful.

the end?

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