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A all Hallow's Eve story.

The other night Bonnie, Anne, Naomi, Bryant, and I all went to Dogface Bridge. That night was one to remember because it was something that had alot of the unexplainable in it. That night around midnight we were in San Pierre driving down these old backroads to find the Dogface Bridge.

Alittle Backstory.

Apparently Dogface Bridge is haunted. In the 1950's a newly wed couple was driving down the road and a Dog ran out in front of their car. They tryed to swerve out of the way but endded up hitting the dog anyway. Now the version of the story I heard was that They couldn't find the womans body or the dog's head. Supposedly if you go to the second bridge you'll see the Woman's body wearing the Dog's head and it will chase after you. And try to eat you.

Now when I first read that story I thought it was just made up by some kid that read too deep into the goosebumps, but when we actually got there I felt something was unmistakeably wrong. Not only that but I wasn't the only person in the car to feel that way either. We watched as two cars came from that road both going at a reasonably high speed but seeming to be rushing away. We got out of the car at the begining of the first bridge, on the ground there was what looked like a thousand Potatoes. Half of them seemed fresh while the other half seemed to be rotting, but this was only because they had been run over by previous cars that had gone by.

It was starting to get creepy, the bridge was an old rusty bridge that seemed to be falling apart at the ravages of time. We walked across it Anne put her hand on one of the railings. The creaking sound it made was like that of a Dog barking. The end of the first bridge was collapse to the point of just the frame work. It made the passage awkward due to the fact that you had to cross it one at a time like a trapez and only one person can cross at a time. Under the first bridge there was no water just a dry trench but as we walked we could hear running water all around us. And occasionally we heard Growling noises that sounded like very large Dogs, eyeing us from the trees. We soldiered on until we reached the second bridge. A barricade stood between us and the bridge. We walked around it and stood at the edge of the sheer cliff of what had once been the bridge. In front of us was a mass of water that didn't move of make any sounds at all. We found this Odd due to the fact that we heard running water behind us and it is a known fact that water always migrates to the lowest point. But this wasn't the case because none of us were able to really question this aloud because the silence was broken.

By a Howling sound.

I can't really say if it was a man or a beast but what I can say, it didn't sound natural. The sound of the howl was deep and angry. It sounded like the embodiment of sorror and fear. And it sounded like there was more than one. But not in the random way that wolves or coyotes howl. It was almost like a battlion calling off their names and rank.

"It's time to go."

We all walked quickly back to the first bridge, but the weird thing was that when we left the second bridge the Howls abruptly stopped. As we walked I was plauged by images of a creature with the head of a pitbull and the body of a woman wearing the tattered rags of an old shredded dress. We got back to the first bridge and all of us rushed to get back into Anne's Car. As we crossed the bridge we could hear banging sounds underneith us as we walked and that eerie feeling of being watched. I hope we didn't offend any of the spirits there because that place was haunted by something.

The end.
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